Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 366
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by V.M. Khan

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This issue is dedicated and timed to the 13-th session of the North-Eurasian Climate Outlook Forum of the CIS countries (NEACOF-13). The introductory part provides overview of the concept of WMO regional climate outlook forums and the contribution of the North-Eurasian climate forums to its implementation. The journal includes articles which discuss the technology of issue of detailed global probabilistic and deterministic forecasts on the basis of the general circulation model SL-AV; the results of five years period of operational forecasting of weekly and monthly meteorological parameters based on the general circulation model of the MGO model; method of seasonal forecasting of the winter phase of the Arctic Oscillation (AO) using the Bayes theorem; experimental technology of climate watch warnings of possible anomalous large scale meteorological phenomena within the framework of the North-Eurasian Climate Center; results of author and operational testing of the long-term ensemble hydrological forecast. This issue also includes the articles focused on the research of regional characteristics of short-term climate variability and monitoring of the climate system. The collection of articles is completed with a description of the methodology for calculating the climatic vulnerability of the territory on the basis of dimensionless climatic indices.
This issue is intended for professionals, researchers, graduate students and undergraduates specializing in long-range weather forecasting and climate monitoring studies.


Khan V.М.
The concept of WMO Regional Climate Outlook Forum and the contribution of North Eurasia Climate Outlook Forum to its implementation

Kiktev D.B., Tolstykh M.A., Zaripov R.B., Kruglova E.N., Kulikova I.A., Tishenko V.A., Khan V.M.
Issue of detailed meteorological forecasts in North Eurasian Climate Centre (NEACC)

Mirvis V.M., Meleshko V.P., Lvova T.Yu., Matyugin V.A.
Five years experience of operational forecasting meteorological conditions for up to 45 days based on the atmosphere general circulation model of the MGO (version MGO-3 T63L25)

Kryjov V.N.
Probabilistic prediction of the wintertime Arctic Oscillation phase based on the Bayes theorem

Ganieva E.S., Khan V.М., Kulikova I.A., Kruglova E.N.
Experimental technology оf issuing warnings about adverse climatic events within the framework of the North Eurasia Climate Center activity

Borsch S.V., Gelfan A.N., Moreydo V.M., Motovilov Yu.G., Siminov Yu.A.
Long-termensemble forecasting of spring inflow into the Cheboksary reservoir based on the hydrological model: results of operational testing

Bulygina O.N, Korshunova N.N., Razuvaev V.N.
Monitoring snow cover on the territory of Russia

Lavrov A.S., Khokhlova A.V., Sterin A.M.
Monitoring of climate parameters of temperature and wind in the free atmosphere: technological aspects

Gainutdinova R.D., Krymskaya D.N.
The pecularities of frequency spectra of long-term changes of surface temperature and parameters of solar activity in the Kyrgyz Republic region

Каrimov К.А., Gainutdinova R.D.
Role of different physical factors in long-term changes of surface temperature

Arushanov M.L., Zhumaev U.
Specific features of the spacial-temporal distribution of the atmosphere circulation climatic energy in the Northern and Southern hemispheres

Perevedentsev Y.P., Al-Maamuri S.K., Shantalinskiy K.M., Auhadeev T.R.
Spacial-temporal changes of climatic characteristics on the territory of Iraq in the period 1979-2016

Oganesyan V.V.
Methodology of assessment of climatic vulnerability of a region on the basis of nondimensional climatic indices

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