Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 365
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by I.N. Kuznetsova

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Presented research results has environmental focus, reflecting the manifestation of anthropogenic influence on meteorological and air quality mode. First time in the book discusses the impact of aviation on the environment Wednesday; two articles dealt with the methodology of studying urban heat island. Contribution to meteorological conditions in urban air pollution shows the Belarusian colleagues. Published adapted review Russian studies of the ozone layer in 2014-2016. Ground-level ozone variability are discussed in Moscow and on the coast of the Crimea, conditions of small-scale vortices in the Black Sea region. Describes the operational technology forecast UV index meteorological dispersion indicator, indicator of comfort. The scheme of forecasting of air pollution in the city, based on data from the chemical transport models. Set out a new method for calculating the UV index and the results of the comparison of total ozone data for satellite and ground-based measurements. Describes the current configuration set up in Russia's short-term Technology Center for Hydrometeorology forecast based on meso-scale negidrostaticheskoj models COSMO-Ru.

In the section "Hydrological forecasts" a method of forecasting water levels on rivers in the Selenga and Onon. Published the first part of the analytical review of flood forecasting system in the Russian Federation.

The collection of papers is intended for specialists in the hydrometeorology area.


Atmospheric processes and air pollution

Ivanova A.R.
Aviation impact on environment and the measures for mitigation of negative effect

Demin V.I., Kozelov B.V.
About the influence of the microclimate on the results of the remote estimation methods

Brusova N.E., Kuznetsova I.N., Nahaev M.I.
Thermal disturbance in the megapolis on the background of the regional surface air temperature variability

Lezina E.A., Miller Е.А.
Examples of temperature stratification remote sensing for analyzing air pollution in the Moscow megapolis

Bozhkova V.V., Burak R.N., Kozeruk B.B., Liudchik A.M., Melnik E.A.
Influence of meteoconditions on anthropogenic air pollution in cities of Belarus

Zvyagintsev A.M., Kuznetsova I.N., Shalygina I.Yu., Lezina E.A., Lapchenko V.A., Nikiforova M.P., Demin V.I.
Investigation and monitoring of surface ozone in Russia

Nahaev M.I., Kuznetsova I.N., Shalygina I.Yu.
The operational technologies for forecasting ground air quality indicators

Shalygina I.Yu., Kuznetsova I.N., Nakhaev M.I., Konovalov I.B., Zaharova P.V.
Forecasting of weather conditions and air pollution with application of data of the numerical model of the atmosphere and a chemical transport model

Ivanova N.S.
An empirical model of ultraviolet index calculation

Zvyagintsev A.M., Vargin P.N.
Russian studies of ozone layer in 2014-2016

Ivanova N.S.
Сomparison of ground and satellite total ozone measurements obtained

Danova T.E., Nikiforova M.P.
Characteristics of troposphere moisture, jet streams and wind shifts in the formation of small-scale eddies in the Black Sea region

Hydrodynamic weather forecast

Blinov D.V., Rivin G.S.
The short-term non-hydrostatic mesoscale weather forecast system COSMO-Ru: The technological line

Hydrological forecasts

Burakov D.A., Larioshkin V.V., Aleshina V.V.
Method of the operational forecast of daily water levels in the summer and autumn on the rivers Selenga and Onon

Romanov A.V.
Development of flood forecasting system in Russia. Part I. Background and catalysts for change

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