Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 363
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by А.А. Vasiliev

Summaries - (PDF)

The collection contains papers devoted to research and forecasting of meteorological processes of a different scales. On a global scale the role of clouds in forming atmospheric process is examined (this problem has been chosen by WMO as a theme for World Meteorological Day 2017). Most of papers describe regional methodologies of forecasting extreme weather events based on new technology and new systems of observation. Some papers describe the methodology of forecasts based on statistical and synoptical relations.
The book presents interest first of all for specialists dealing with problems of prognostic meteorology.


Vorobyeva V.V., Volodin E.M.
Modeling of the impact on the climate by changing the properties of cirrus clouds in climate model of Institute of Numerical Mathematics of RAS

Dmitrieva-Arrago L.R., Тrubina М.А., Tolstykh M.A.
The role of the clouds phase composition in the formation of short-wave and long-wave radiation flux

Kislov A.V., Semenov E.K., Sokolikhina N.N., Tudryi K.O.
The evolution of ahigh-latitude blocking anticyclone during the winter of 2012 in the Northern hemisphere

Alekseeva A.A., Vasil’ev E.V., Bukharov V.M.
Forecast of severe squalls in the European part of Russia and their identification by Doppler weather radars

Nikiforova A.E., Peskov B.E.
Precipitation forecasting using statistical correction of Cosmo-Ru7 model

Shakina N.P., Skriptunova E.N.
Thermal turbulence in the boundary layer and its forecasting for aviation

Bykov A.V., Vetrov A.L., Kalinin N.A.
The forecast of dangerous convective phenomena in the Perm Krai with use of global prognostic models

KozeltsevaV.F., Kuznetsova N.N., Tishchenko V.A.
Оn the recurring of atmospheric droughts and excessive moisture at some stations in the basing of the Volga, Don and Ural rivers

Morozova S.V.
Forecast of waves of warmth and coldfor the Saratov region using physic-statistical method of V.F. Martazinova "floating analog"

Demin V.I., Antsiferova A.R., Chaus O.M.
Microclimate influence on estimating the urban heat island and temperature trend in Murmansk

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