Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 362
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by E.S. Nesterov

Summaries - (PDF)

The results of investigations in various fields of hydrometeorology are presented. A review of the atmosphere and ocean forecasting based on ensemble approach is given. Analyzes made on the basis of hydrodynamic models of calculations of wind waves in the Baltic Sea, the Black Sea and the Pechora seas, currents and storm surge levels in the Sea of Azov. The formation of dangerous waves in the North Atlantic is analyzed, the results of dangerous waves forecasts are presented. Methods of long-term forecasting of ice conditions in the Far Eastern seas and the Gulf of Finland are described.
The conditions of small eddies formation in the atmosphere are analyzed. The role of solar radiation in periods of twilight in the development and productivity of spring crops is investigated. Estimates of the risk of damage due to dangerous meteorological phenomena are given.
The collection of papers is intended for specialists in the hydrometeorology area.


Nesterov E.S.
Forecast of the atmosphere and ocean characteristics on the basis of the ensemble approach

Zelenko A.A., Resnyanskii Yu.D., Strukov B.S.
ind and waves climatology in the Pechora Sea estimated using data of meteorological reanalysis and calculations with a wave model

Medvedeva A.Yu., Myslenkov S.A., Medvedev I.P., Arkhipkin V.S., Krechik V.A., Dobrolyubov S.A.
Numerical Modeling of the Wind Waves in the Baltic Sea using the Rectangular and Unstructured Grids and the Reanalysis NCEP/CFSR

yslenkov S.., Stolyarova E.V.
Wave forecast for the Black Sea using wind forecasts of different space resolution

Krasyuk T.V.
Statistical analysis of space-temporal variability of dangerous waves in the North Atlantic

Lukin A.A.
Storm warnings about the dangerous waves in the North Atlantic

Nesterov E.S.
Influence of the North Atlantic and East Atlantic oscillations on formation of dangerous waves in the North Atlantic

Popov S.K., Lobov A.L.
Diagnosis and forecasts of flood in Taganrog with the help of an operational hydrodynamic model

Dumanskaya I.O.
The technique of the long-term forecast of ice conditions in the Far East seas

Dumanskaya I.O.
Some tendencies in change of ice parameters of the Arctic seas in the 21st century

Fedorenko A.V.
Intense winter cold snaps in the Gulf of Finland and features of the atmosphere general circulation over the Northern Hemisphere

Pokhil A.E.
Study of the cases of formation of small eddies in the atmosphere

Shulgin I.A., Vilfand R.M., Strashnaya A.I., Bereza O.V., Pavlova K.I.
Information and regulatory role of solar radiation in the twilight in development and productivity of spring grain crops

Oganesyan V.V., Orlova E.A.
Estimations of risks of drawing of damages to economy the dangerous meteorological phenomena of weather

Discussion section

Chunaev N.V., Viazilov E.D.
About changing the paradigm of hydrometeorological services for natural disasters