Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 361
Monitoring, modeling and forecasting of environmental parameters in the Arctic

Edited by V.V. Ivanov

Summaries - (PDF)

The special issue contains articles devoted to various aspects of monitoring, modeling and forecasting of environmental parameters in the Arctic. The collection includes the results of studies carried out in the laboratory of Arctic hydrometeorology of the Hydrometeorological Centre of Russia in framework of the RSF grant 14-37-00053.The present state of the long-term forecasting approaches on the basis of statistical and hydrodynamic (numerical) methods are discussed. Particular attention is paid to the description of modern mathematical models of physical processes and phenomena in the Arctic region. Specific articles cover the development of new computational algorithms and software, experience in using coupled models with high spatial resolution, results of model validation by observations.
The collection may be interesting to specialists in the field of forecasting and environmental monitoring in the polar regions.


Vilfand R.M., Kiktev D.B., Kruglova E.N., Kulikova I.A., Tischenko V.A., Khan V.M.
Technology of issue of long-range meteorological forecasts for Arctic in the North-Eurasian Climate Centre (NEACC)

Gromov I.V., Koromyslov A.Yu., Ushakov K.V., Kaurkin M.N., Ibrayev R.A.
Coupled model of intraanual variability of the Arctic Ocean waters and ice circulation

Tishchenko V.A., Khan V.M., Kruglova E.N., Kulikova I.A.
Application of statistical correction to deterministic air temperature and precipitation forecasts for the Arctic region produced by SL-AV model

Krasyuk T.V., Tolstykh M.A., Butorina E.V.
Influence of collaborative models of the atmosphere and the ocean transient behavior on seasonal surface fields forecasts

Rogutov V.S., Tolstykh M.A.
The use of satellite sea level wind data ASCAT in the data assimilation system based on the local ensemble Kalman filter

Varentsov M.I., Repina I.A., Artamonov A.Yu., Khavina E.M., Matveeva T.A.
Experimental studies of energy exchange and dynamics of atmospheric boundary layer in the Arctic summer

Nikitin M.A., Rivin G.S., Rozinkina I.A., Chumakov M.M.
Use of COSMO-Ru forecasting system for polar low’s research: case study 25-27 March 2014

Bloshkina E.V., Ivanov V.V.
Сonvective structures in the Greenland and Norwegian seas according to the results of the high spatial resolution simulation

Makhotin M.S., Ivanov V.V.
Circulation of the Atlantic water in the Barents Sea based on hydrological survey data and numerical simulation

Vyazilova A.E., Smirnov A.V.
Conditions of salinity anomaly formation in the Nordic Seas

Fomin Yu.V.
Nature of the pumping-effect in the coastal area

Marchenko A.V., Diansky N.A., Onishchenko D.A., Chumakov M.M., Nikitin M.A., Fomin V.V., Marchenko N.A.
Studies of ice drift and ridge consolidated layer evolution in the North-West Barents Sea

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