Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 360
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by I.N. Kuznechova, I.Y. Shalygina

Summaries - (PDF)

This issue includes articles on some aspects of climate change and its impacts, as well as research in meteorology and hydrology. Showing a study on nowcasting. in the framework of the implementation of the global air navigation plan. Interesting the method to use of the radar information for hazard assessment, in particular, hail and torrential rain. Presents the results of calculations air pollution of chemical transport model in megasity and the study of extremely low total ozone over the North Urals and Siberia.
The collection of papers is meant for specialists in the area of forecasting, environmental monitoring and ecology.


Perevedentsev Y.P., Vilfand R.M., Shantilinskii K.M.
Low-frequency changes of atmosphere pressure and surface air temperaturein the non-tropical latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere

Tarasova L.L.
Assessment of agrometeorological indicators of conditions of wintering of winter grain crops in the central chernozem regions in the conditions of climatic changes

Vilfand R.M, Strashnaya A.I., Bereza O.V.
About the dynamics of the agroclimatic indicators of conditions of sowing, wintering and formation of the yield of the main grain crops

Danova T.E., Prokofev О.М.
Moisture content and moisture transfer during the warm half of the year in the troposphere over the Black Sea

Simonov Y.A., Licar E.-L.D., Frolova N.L.
Assessment of the SNOW-17 snow cover dynamics model potential usage in the operational hydrologic forecasting practice in Russia

Ivanova A.R., Shakina N.P.
Future development of nowcasting for aviation meteorological service in the framework of Global aeronavigation plan (GANP) implementation

Alekseeva A.A., Peskov B.E.
Assessment of the maximum speed of convective flow, characteristics of heavy rain and hail using radar information

Shalygina I.Y., Kuznetsova I.N., Nahaev M.I., Konovalov I.B., Berezin E.V.
The comparison of diurnal variations of air pollutants using measurements and calculations of a chemical transport model

Nikiforova M.P., Vargin P.N., Zvyagintsev A.M., Ivanova N.S.,Kuznetsova I.N., Lukyanov A.N.
Ozone «mini-hole» over the north of Ural and Siberia

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