Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 359
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by A.A. Vasiliev

Summaries - (PDF)

The publication contains the results of studies related to improving the quality of meteorological, hydrological and agrometeorological forecasts. We consider both theoretical issues and practical recommendations in respect to the forecasting of hazardous hydrometeorological phenomena.
The content of articles is of interest to a wide range of experts in the field of forecasting and environmental monitoring.


Tolstykh M.A.
Global atmosphere models: current state and development plans

Sidorenkov N.S.
Synchronization of atmospheric processes with frequencies of the Earth Moon Sun system

Vasiliev A.A., Vilfand R.M., Golubev A.D.
The joint use of mesoscale numerical and conceptual models in operational forecast of hazard weather phenomena

Pischalnikova E.V., Kalinin N.A., Vetrov A.L., Shikhov A.N., Sviyazov E.M., Bykov A.V.
Forecast of heavy and very heavy snowfall in the Urals based on the model WRF

Busygin V.P., Dmitrieva-Arrago L.R., Krasnokutskaya L.D., Kuzmina I.Y.
The influence of the cloud parameters on the optical signals of the lightnings that are registered from cosmic apparatuses

Tishchenko V.A., Kuznetsova N.N., Fedunova T.M.
Analysis of threshold values of daily average temperature of air and of the soil surface and their connection with the establishment and the loss of snow cover in the Tomsk region

Borsch S.V., Burakov D.A., Simonov Y.A.
Technique of operational computation and forecast of daily river inflow into Zea river reservoir

Zdereva M.Ya., Bogdanova V.F, Hluchina N..
Assessing the possibility of using model forecasts of precipitation in mountainous areas of Altai to predict flash floods

Strashnaya A.I., Tishtshenko V.A., Bogomolova N.A., Pavlova K.I., Tebuev H.H.
grometeorological conditions and forecasting of productivity of sunflower seeds in the Privolzhskiy Federal District

Tishchenko V.A., Kozeltseva V.F., Kuznetsova N.N.
Repeatability of periods of aridity in Moscow during the warm half of the year

Romanov A.V.
Structuring and cataloging of hydrological library and archives