Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 358
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by V.M. Khan

Summaries - (PDF)

Special issue of the journal is timed to the date of the 9th session of the North Eurasian limate Outlook Forum for the CIS countries. The subject of this issue covers the research and practical aspects related to the monitoring and forecasting of short-term variations of climate. The journal includes articles on regional assessments of short-term climate variability, monitoring of the climate system, methods and technologies for improvements of long-range forecasts, the analysis of the skill score of long-range forecasts, production of tailored climate information.
This issue is intended for professionals, researchers, graduate students and undergraduates specializing in long-range weather forecasting and climate variability studies.


Khan V.M.
Activity of the North-Eurasian Climate Center (NEACC) and the North Eurasian Climate Outlook Forum (NEACOF) aimed at climate services improvement within the international structure of WMO

Kiktev D.B., Khan V.M., Kryzhov V.N., Zaripov R.B., Kruglova E.N., Kulikova I.A., Tischenko V.A.
Technology of issue of long-range forecasts in the North-Eurasian Climate Centre (NEACC)

Bardin M.Yu., Platova T.V., Samokhina O.F.
Climate change characteristic features on the territory of Northern Eurasia based on the routine climate monitoring and possible factors

Klevets N.N., Melnik V.I., Kamarouskaya E.V.
Heat waves in Belarus

Lapo P.., Shakur V.N, Prakharenia M.
The results of verification of the WRF-ARW model in the Hydromet of the Republic of Belarus

Melkonyan H.A., Khalatyan Ye.S., Gevorgyan A.M., Aleksanyan T.V., H.S. Panyan
An assessment of climate change in the rivers Voghji and Meghri basins

Morozova S.V.
Physical and statistical analysis of ongoing climatic changes in the Atlantic-Eurasian sector in winter (exemplified by changes in January)

Partasenok I.S., Geyer B., Melnik V.I.
Studies of possible scenarios of changes in the climate of Belarus based on ensemble concept

Padhornaya E.V., Melnik V.I., Kamarouskaya E.V.
Characteristic features of the climate change on the territory of the Republic of Belarus in the last decades

Tishchenko V.A., Khan V.M., Tolstykh M.A., Kruglov E.N., Kulikova I.A., Gelfan A.N.
Application of statistical correction for deterministic monthly and seasonal PLAV model forecasts of air temperature and precipitation for some regions of Russia

Salnikov V.G., urulina G.., lanov Ye.., Polyakova S.Ye., Kauazov .., Vorotyntseva V.V.
Structure of long-term fluctuations formation and destruction of snowcover in Northern Kazakhstan

Morozova S.V.
Technology of the long-term forecast of the periods of rainfall for the Saratov region