Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 357
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by M.A. Tolstykh

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In this issue a series of topical problems of the monitoring and forecasting of the atmosphere condition in various time scales and of agrometeorology is considered. This issue comprises the papers devoted to the development of the modern hydrodynamic models of the atmosphere, of diagnostic studies of the atmosphere, of the forecasts with various lead time, including agrometeorological forecasts, to the problems of the environment pollution.
This collection of papers is meant for specialists in the area of hydrometeorology, numerical simulation of atmospheric processes, agrometeorology, environmental monitoring and ecology.


Hydrodynamic weather forecast

Volodin E.M., Perezhogin P.A.
Calculation of three-dimensional atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration using the climate model of the Institute of Numerical Mathematics of RAS

Goyman G.S.
Analysis of the predictor-corrector time-integration scheme and its implementation in the global atmospheric SL-AV model

General circulation and characteristics of the atmosphere

Pokhil А.E., Gorlach I.A.
Upper level troposhere water vapor mesoscale eddies and blocking synoptic patterns

Agrometeorological forecasts

Shulgin I.A., Strashnaya A.I., Bereza O.V.
The possibility to take into account solar radiation in agrometeorological assessment of the yield of spring crops

Strashnaya A.I., Tishtshenko V.A., Berioza O.V., Bogomolova N.A.
On the possibility to use the standardized precipitation index for detecting droughts and in the forecasts of the quantitative estimates of the productivity of cereal crops and pulse crops

Long-range meteorological forecasts

TishchenkoV.A.,Kuznetsova N.N., Fedunova T.M.
Climatic characteristics spring and autumn of dates of stable transition of daily average air temperature through 0°С, +5°С, +10°С, +15°С for districts of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kozeltseva V.F., Aleshinа A.M., Kuznetsova N.N.
Perfecting a method for determining the probability of aridity and humidity in the European part of Russia and in the south-west of Siberia

Short-range weather forecasts

Chernogubova Yu.Ya.
Occurrence of dangerous convective weather phenomena on the territory of the Administration for Hydrometeorological and Environmental Monitoring of the Central Black Earth Region and their forecast

Atmospheric processes and air pollution

Nakhayev M.I., Berezin E.V., Shalygina I.Yu., Kuznetsova I.N., Konovalov I.B., Blinov D.V.
Prediction of pollutant concentrations in the atmosphere using the chemical transport model CHIMERE and the model COSMO-Ru7

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