Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 353
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by G.S. Rivin, I.A. Rozinkina

Summaries - (PDF)

The collection of papers is devoted to the solution of a number of problems of the weather forecast, hydrology and oceanology, namely to the description of the processes of the evolution of the temperature and the specific volume of soil water; the development of the technology of the evolution of the snow cover of some part of the Sea of Okhotsk using the coupled ice-ocean dynamic-thermodynamic model; determination of the snow cover limits using satellite data; development of a system of technologies for short-range forecast of water levels which enables to describe the motion and transformation of the waves of floods and spring floods in a river bed in terms of mathematics and which is based on the hydrometric observations data; the development of physical-statistical models for forecasting the crop yield based on the integration of land and satellite data in the changing agro-climatic conditions; numerical modeling of the origination and evolution of snowstorms; the methods of the efficient use of the algorithm parallelization while visualizing meteorological information; possible caused of heavy showers and, finally, determination of the dates of the stratospheric air circulation alteration and their relationship with the dates of the stable transition of the daily air temperature through 0°, +5°. This collection of papers is meant for specialists in the area of hydrometeorology.


Alferov Yu.V., Kopeykin V.V.
Algorithm for determining the limits of the snow cover for models of the atmosphere

Alferov Yu.V., Kopeykin V.V.
Application of multi-threading in the graphics system Isograph

Borshtsh S.V., Simonov Yu.A., Khristoforov A.V., Yumina N.M.
Short-range forecast of water levels in the Amur river

Bychkov V.I., Perov V.L., Rubinstein K.G.
Numerical modeling of the occurrence and evolution of snowstorms using the WRF-ARW model

Klyachkin S.V., Gudkovich Z.M., Guzenko R.B., May R.I.
Numerical model of the ice cover forecast in the south-western part of the Sea of Okhotsk with 1-5 days period in advance

Kozeltseva V.F., Aleshin A.M., Kuznetsova N.N.
Spring alteration of stratospheric circulation and stable transition of the daily temperature of air through 0 °, +5° in the spring

Pressman D.Ya.
Description of hydrothermal processes in soil for weather forecasting purposes

Strashnaya A.I., Tarasova L.L., Maksimenkova T.A., Bogomolova N.A., Bereza O.V.
Forecasting of the yield of grain and leguminous crops in the Central Chernozem Regions based on integration of land and satellite data

Discussion section

Sidorenkov N.S., Chazov V.V., Petrov V.N.
Large-scale factors of floods in 2013