Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 352
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by G.S. Rivin, I.A. Rozinkina

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The collection of articles is devoted to the description of the results obtained within the framework of the works conducted using the leading technologies of numerical weather prediction (NWP) of the Hydrometeorological Center of Russia with special emphasis on the main attention to the aspects of meteorological support of the winter Olympic Games Sochi-2014, based on COSMO system; specifics of implementation of COSMO-Ru1 model with the horizontal grid step 1.1 km; system of ensemble forecasts using COSMO models with horizontal resolution 7 and 2.2 km; first results of the numerical forecasts verification for Sochi-2014 using VERSUS package, and others. A number of articles highlight broader aspects of winter NWP: the system of snow cover modeling for calculation of accumulated water equivalent with the use of standard meteorological measurements, effects of snow albedo parameterization at different time intervals of the global forecasting with the SLAV model, calculations of the complex index of winter weather conditions. Apart of this, consideration is given to an experience of exploitation and adjustment of the COSMO-Ru7-ART model to technologies used in the WMC Moscow, which includes the chemical-transport block (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany), and DIANA program package for graphical presentation of meteorological information including NWP results with grid steps of several kilometers (Norwegian Institute of Meteorology).


Hydrodynamic weather forecast

D.Yu. Alferov, E.D. Astakhova, G.S. Rivin, I.A. Rozinkina
Development of high-resolution ensemble prediction system for the region of Sochi-2014 Winter Olympics

E.D. Astakhova, A. Montani, D.Yu. Alferov
Ensemble prediction systems for sochi region based on cosmo model: development of methods and provision of probabilistic forecasts for XXII Winter Olympics

A.Yu. Bundel, A.A. Kirsanov, A.V. Muraviev, G.S. Rivin, I.A. Rozinkina, D.V. Blinov
First verification results for COSMO-Ru mesoscale numerical weather forecasts issued for the Sochi-2014 Olympics

R.B. Zaripov
Diana visualization system for meteorological

E.V. Kazakova, M.M. Chumakov, I.A. Rozinkina
Fresh snow depth calculation via results of atmospheric modeling (exemplified by the use of the COSMO-Ru model

E.V. Kazakova, M.M. Chumakov, I.A. Rozinkina
Model for snow cover characteristics calculation based on standard net meteorological observations

V.L. Perov
Algorithm for calculating turbulent length scale in the atmospheric boundary layer module of the COSMO-Ru model in the presence of stratocumulus clouds

G.V. Surkova, A.A. Kirsanov, A.V. Kislov, A.P. Revokatova, G.S. Rivin
Forecast of air pollutants concentration using thecoupled chemical model COSMO-Ru7-ART

M.A. Tolstykh
The impact of snow albedo parametrization on medium- and long-range forecasts of the global atmosphere model

M.V. Shatunova, G.S. Rivin
High resolution model COSMO-Ru1SFO: influence of the external parameters on the model output

Long-range meteorological forecasts

V.P. Sadokov, Kuznetsova N.N., Kozeltseva V.F.
Improvement of the method for forecasting the index Wi characterizing winter weather conditions

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