Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 350
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by Doctor E.S. Nesterov

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The results of investigations in various fields of hydrometeorology are presented. The relationship dynamics of the extratropical tropopause and the total ozone in the period 2009-2011, the variability of autumn air temperature in the European part of Russia and south-western part of Western Siberia are analyzed.
The statistics of wind and waves in the North Atlantic, according to the buoy measurements is described; the methods for prediction of dangerous waves in the ocean with increased lead are discussed. The mode of wind waves in the Tsemess bay of the Black Sea using the model SWAN is investigated. The calculation of the typhoon trajectories and associated meteorological fields in the Pacific Ocean in 2012 is carried out. The seasonal and interannual variations of the Caspian Sea level and the changes of the Southern ocean thermohaline structure are described. The changes in climatic characteristics of the ice in the seas of the European part of Russia, the typical ice conditions on the major shipping routes of these seas are discussed.
The collection of papers is intended for specialists in the hydrometeorology area.


Marine hydrological forecasts

E.S. Nesterov
The possibility of forecasting dangerous waves in North Atlantic with increased advance time

A.A. Lukin, S.A. Myslenkov, E.S. Nesterov
Features of the atmosphere thermodynamic structure with the formation of intense wind waves in the ocean

Z.K. Abousiarov
Statistics of the wind velocity and of the waves height based on the buoy measurements in the North Atlantic and their variability

Z.K. Abousiarov
About the problem of medium-range forecast of the anomalous heights of waves in the North Atlantic

S.A. Myslenkov, V.S. Arkhipkin
The wind wave analysis in Tsemes Bay of the Black Sea using the SWAN model

S.K. Popov, A.L. Lobov
Modeling spatial and temporal variability of the Caspian Sea level in 1948-1994

Yu.D. Resnyansky, B.S. Strukov
The changes of the Southern Ocean thermohaline structure and their relation to sea level variations detected from Argo data and satellite altimetry

I.O. Dumanskaya
Long-range forecast of ice characteristics on the seas of the European part of Russia and their changes at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries

I.O. Dumanskaya
Standard ice conditions on the main navigable routes of the seas of the European part of Russia for winters of various severity

A.V. Fedorenko
Cases of warming in the middle troposphere in the Western Arctic and their possible connection with sharp falls in temperature on the gulf of Finland

General circulation and characteristics of the atmosphere

A.R. Ivanova
Relationship between extratropical tropopause dynamics and sharp interdiurnal variations of total ozone in 2009–2011

E.V. Kazakova, M.M. Chumakov, I.A. Rozinkina
Algorithm of fresh snow height calculation based on results of precipitation forecasts by numerical atmosphere models

A.E. Pokhil
Computation of the trajectories and meteorological fields of pacific tropical cyclones 2012

Long-range meteorological forecasts

V.P. Sadokov, V.F. Kozeltseva, N.I. Kuznetsova
Characteristic features of the stable transition of the air temperature through +5 and 0°С in autumn on the European territory of Russia and south-western part of Western Siberia

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