Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 349
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by V.M. Mukhin

Summaries - (PDF)

This issue represents a collection of papers in three subfields of hydrometeorological research. Seven papers deal with the development of methods of short-range mountain river flow forecasting, the operational system of river flow forecasting, the visualization of hydrological processes during springflood, the development of methods of probabilistic forecasting of peak flow and levels, and the use of nonlinear mathematical models.
The papers dealing with the development of automated technology of calculation and simulation of atmospheric and soil drought for crops and winter rapeseed crop yield are presented as well. Two papers describe specific weather conditions in Central European Russia in 2010 and in the winter of 2012.
This collection of papers is intended for specialists in hydrometeorology.


Hydrological forecast

V.M. Mukhin
Methodological basis of physical-statistical kinds of short range forecasts of mountain river runoff

S.V. Borsch, T.E. Samsonov, Y.A. Simonov, E.A. Lvovskaya
Visualization of hydrological phenomena in large river basins using GIS technologies

S.V. Borsch, Y.A. Simonov
Operational water discharge short-range forecasting system for the Kuban basin rivers

A.V. Romanov, I.V. Grishchenko, M.V. Osadchaya, G.V. Sokolova
Visualization of hydrological processes during the spring floods on the rivers of the Arkhangelsk region

P.A. Belyakova, S.V. Borsch, A.V. Khristoforov, N.M. Yumina
Probabilistic forecasting of maximal discharges, water levels and critical precipitation for the rivers of the Black sea coast of Caucasus

P.A. Belyakova, S.V. Borsch, A.V. Khristoforov, N.M. Yumina
Short-range runoff forecasting for rivers of the Black sea coast of Caucasus

A.V. Romanov, P.V. Skribtsov. M.A. Chervonenkis
Solution of inverse problems of river-bed hydraulics using nonlinear mathematical models

Agrometeorological forecasts

A.I. Strashnaya, I.E. Purina, O.V. Chub, O.I. Zadornova, T.S. Chekulaeva
Automated monitoring technology and calculation of the number of decades with soil and atmospheric soil drought for the grain crops

A.N. Polevoy, N.V. Vasalatiy
Modeling of the influence of agrometeorological conditions on the formation of agroecological categories of winter rape yield

General circulation and characteristics of the atmosphere

A.D. Golubev, A.M. Kabak, N.A. Nikolskaya, G.I. Butova, T.V. Berezhnaya
Blocking of Westerlies over Eurasia in Winter 2012 and Associated Weather Anomalies

A.D. Golubev, A.M. Kabak, N.A. Nikolskaya, G.I. Butova, G.V. Khabarova
Ice rain in Moscow, Moscow Region, and adjoining areas in the center of the European part of Russia on December 25-26, 2010