Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 348
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by M.A. Tolstykh

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The presented papers concern the development of the hydrodynamic weather forecast models, their application to short-range prediction of the characteristics not reproduced directly by the hydrodynamic models. Two papers are devoted to the actively developing direction – ensemble data assimilation systems. Two papers are presented in which the diagnostic studies in the interests of the development of the aviation forecasts are carried out using the observational data and objective analysis. The collection of papers includes the article devoted to long-range probabilistic forecast as well as the papers related to various aspects of the atmospheric general circulation. Some articles of the collection have debatable character.
Some articles of the collection have debatable character.
The collection of papers is intended for specialists in the hydrometeorology area.


Hydrodynamic weather forecast

N.P. Shakina, Ye.N. Skriptunova, A.R. Ivanova, Ye.I. Vetrova
Possibilities for low cloud ceiling forecasting at the aerodromes in the former European USSR on the basis of numerical model output data

A.B. Shlyaeva, V.G. Mizyak, M.A. Tolstykh
The experimental data assimilation system based on local ensemble transform Kalman filter for the global atmospheric model

T.V. Krasjuk
Data assimilation: methods competition and satellite observations assimilation problem

A.Yu. Yurova, M.A. Tolstykh
Error Analysis of two solar radiation calculation algorithms for the atmosphere general circulation models

V.V. Shashkin
Locally-conservative 3D semi-Lagrangian transport scheme on the sphere using z-coordinate system in vertical

V.S. Rogutov
Variation quality control in variation assimilation date of surface temperature measurements

Short-range weather forecasts

N.P. Shakina, Ye.N. Skriptunova, Vetrova, A.R. Ivanova, A.A. Zhelnin
Occurrence frequency of low clouds in the former European USSR from the aerodrome observation data

N.P. Shakina, I.A. Khomenko, A.R. Ivanova, Ye.N. Skriptunova
Origination and forecasting of freezing precipitation: review and some new results

Long-range weather forecasts

V.P. Sadokov, V.F. Kozeltseva, N.N. Kuznetsova
Determination of spring dates of stable transition of daily average air temperature through 0, +5°C, their forecast and assessment

General circulation and characteristics of the atmosphere

K.D. Vasilevsky, V.P. Sadokov
One-dimensional model of convective precipitation

Ph.L. Bykov, V.A. Gordin
On statistical connection between atmospheric fronts and precipitations

N.S. Sidorenkov, K.A. Sumerova
The geodynamic reasons of decade changes of climate

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