Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 347
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by E.S. Nesterov

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The results of investigations in various fields of hydrometeorology are presented. The dynamics of the Arctic tropopause and the connection between it and the frontogenesis, the impact of the planetary waves breaking on the North Atlantic oscillation, the long-term variability of cloudiness are analyzed. The technology for short-term weather forecasts on the basis of mesoscale models is described; the problems of the turbulence parameterization and data assimilation in these models are discussed. Methods for the short-term forecast of strong wind, precipitation, snowstorms, categories of danger of meteorological hazards are set forth.
The influence of atmospheric processes on the ozone content as well as on the state of sea in the North Atlantic and the ice regime in the seas of the European part of Russia are studied. The problems of the monitoring of air-soil droughts, the calculation of fire danger indices, the effect that weather conditions has on the human health are discussed. The methods of the information support for preparing weather forecasts for the Olympic Games Sochi-2014 are described.
The collection of papers is intended for specialists in the hydrometeorology area.


General circulation and characteristics of the atmosphere

A.R. Ivanova, N.I. Bogaevskaya
Arctic tropopause dynamics and its relationthip with frontogenesis in 1990–2007

E.S. Nesterov
Influence of atmospheric planetary waves breaking on North Atlantic oscillation

N.S. Sidorenkov, Yu. P. Perevedenzev, A.I. Neushkin, K.A. Sumerova, M.M. Sharipova, B.G. Sherstukov
Bruckner cycle in change of cloud amount and the amount of sunshine in Moscow and Kаzan

L.B. Ananiev, A.M. Zvyagintsev, I.N. Kuznetsova, M.I. Nakhaev
Special features of total ozone content and circulations in low stratosphere during winter-spring 2011

Short-range weather forecasts

G.S. Rivin, I.A. Rozinkina, D.V. Blinov
The technological line of the short-term mesoscale operational weather forecast system COSMO-RU with 7 km grid step

V.L. Perov
Calculation of a coefficients of turbulent mixing on the basis of the spectral algorithm and its implementation in the model COSMO-RU

M.M. Smirnova, K.G. Rubinshtein
Analysis of examples of data assimilation in regional model WRF-ARW

E.V. Perekhodtseva
On the hydrodynamic-statistical forecast of strong wind and heavy precipitation phenomena for two days ahead over the North Caucasus territory

V.I. Byichkova, K.G. Rubinshtein
Short-term numerical forecast of snowstorms

M.V. Shiryaev, K.G.Rubinshtein
Forecast of meteorological hazard categories

A.V. Smirnov, D.B. Kiktev
Technology of information support of the preparation of weather forecasts for the Olympic Games "Sochi-2014" with use of possibilities of Google Maps

Marine forecasts

A.A. Lukin
Circulation in the middle troposphere and forecast of dangerous wind waves in the North Atlantic

A.B. Fedorenko
Study of the relation between the atmospheric processes over the North Atlantic and sea ice conditions in the Gulf of Finland

Agrometeorological forecasts

O.V. Chub, A.I. Strashnaya
About possibil use of the new agrometeorological factor of moistening for monitoring of atmospheric and soil droughts

The applied meteorology issues

I.M. Gubenko, K.G. Rubinstein
Comparative analysis of methods of fire danger indexes evaluation

S.V. Tkachuk
The indexes of weather comfort conditions review and their relation to mortality

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