Proceedings of Hydrometcentre of Russia. Vol. 346
Hydrometeorological forecasts

Edited by G.S. Rivin, I.A. Rozinkina

Summaries - (PDF)

The results of the research in the field of numerical weather prediction, technological aspects of operational weather forecasting systems, the problems of modernization of the Roshydromet centers of the operational hydrometeorological information, the visualization options and deliver information to end users, the possible causes of abnormally hot summer of 2010 in European part of Russia are presented.


Hydrodynamic weather forecast

D.Yu. Alferov, G.S. Rivin
The mesoscale weather forecast COSMO-RU system: the ensemble forecast

Yu.V. Alferov, V.V. Kopeikin
Aspects of automation in the hydrometeorological visualization system Isograph

B.A. Antsipovich, S.V. Lubov
Modernization of the Roshydromet operational hydrometeorological information processing centers

E.D. Astakhova
Ensemble medium-range weather prediction: the technology implementation on a modern computer base

D.V. Blinov, G.S. Rivin, I.A. Rozinkina
The mesoscale weather forecast COSMO-RU system: the technological aspects of the visualization and mailing of the forecasts

V.V. Kopeikin, Yu.V. Alferov
Construction of isolines on an scatter points network within the graphic system Isograph framework

V.L. Perov
The implementation of the algorithm for calculating the turbulent length scale, based on the method of displacement of air parcel under the influence of buoyancy forces, in a module of the atmospheric boundary layer, in the model COSMO-RU of the Russian Hydrometcenter

A.E. Pokhil, E.C. Glebova, A.V. Smirnov
Calculation of tropical cyclones’ and polar fronts and jet-streams interaction on mesoscale models of atmosphere ETA and WRF (NMM)

I.E. Purina, T.S. Chekulaeva, A.I. Strashnaia, N.S. Ignatova
Tecnology of processing and DELIVERING of the final agrometeorological information to the customers in HMC Russia and operating organizations of Roshydromet structure in software package PROMETEI

I.A. Rozinkina, E.D. Astakhova, T.Ya. Ponomareva, V.I. Tsvetkov
A technology of the operational of global weather prediction 1 to 10 days ahead based on the T169L31 model (with a 60-70 km resolution) on the new supercomputer technique of Moscow WMC

Yu.A. Stepanov, I.I. Shabina
New version of automated technology ASOIP on dedicated server of Hydrometcenter of Russia

M.A. Tolstykh, N.N. Bogoslovskii, A.V. Shlyaeva, V.G. Mizyak
Operational technology for computing global forecasts using semi-Lagrangian atmospheric model SL-AV

M.A. Tolstykh, V.G. Mizyak
Parallel version of the semi-lagrangian model SL-AV with the horizontal resolution of about 20 km

Long-range weather forecasts

N.S. Sidorenkov, K.A. Sumerova
Causes of an anomalous hot summer in 2010 over European Russia

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